Our Land & Trails

Camp Ketcha maintains the preservation of 107 acres which is open for public recreation. We have an extensive trail network that traverses our property and the abutting 90 acres of the Scarborough Land Trust  Libby Farm. This land is used by adults and children from the community year-round for a variety of programs including: hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, environmental education, and other activities.

 Public Trail Access & Low Cost Community Rental Program

Families and individuals are encouraged to enjoy our property at any time when Camp Ketcha Programs are not  in operation. We welcome muscle-powered recreation (no motors please). Dogs are permitted on the property but must be leashed.  We also have letter-boxing sites on our property, as well, which we encourage families and community members to try their hand at!  Our most recent letter-boxing clues can be found here.  Please feel free to call us at 207-883-8977 ext 104 about our low cost community rental program for gear to use and enjoy while you are out exploring the property!

Rabbit Habitat Management Effort Update

Camp Ketcha has been working for several years cooperatively with our neighbors and several government agencies to develop habitat for the endangered New England Cottontail rabbits.   After years of planning we are now executing the work to get this habitat created on some of our land. If we and others are successful it will eliminate the need for the restrictions that would be brought about by formal listing as a federally endangered species. Now we will be opening up the forest canopy in several areas in camp’s back country.

Logging is beginning this February 2013, weather permitting. The cutting will be supervised by our professional forester and will be done by a respected company that has done much of the work on the Sprague Family’s Ram Island Farm. For more information on our management plans please review our Land Habitat Information Hand Out .

Despite our best efforts we anticipate some disruption to our trails and some ugliness that comes with any logging effort. Please bear with us as we try to get this animal back on his paws and on the way to sustainable populations.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Camp Ketcha directly at 207-883-8977 ext 101.


Please feel free to print off or stop at our Main Office M-F 9:00am-5:00pm for a Camp Ketcha Trail Map