Children’s Birthday Parties

We have a variety of Birthday Party options for your children ages 3-14.  Please see the registration form for more information and pricing.

Traditional Birthday Party

Ages 4-14
Max Children- 20
1  hour of programming with a staff member, 1/2 hour for cake and presents.
Activities include group games and sports.

Trail Ride Party

Ages 6+

Max Children: 12

1 1/2 hour party: 1 hour at barn, 30 minute cake & presents
Trail ride & grooming

Pony Ride Party

Ages 3 +
Max Children- 20
1 hour at the barn, 30 minutes for cake & presents
Pony rides & grooming (as many pony rides as the hour will allow)
Horse activity

Archery Birthday Party*

Ages 6-14

1  hour at our archery range with a Camp Ketcha staff member, 1/2 hour for cake and presents.  Includes a safety training, target practice and games.

Ropes Course Birthday Party

Ages 8-14
2 1/2 hours on our low ropes course with a trained staff member, 1/2 hour for cake and presents in the pavilion or main building.  Campers will work on team building, safety, belaying and climbing.

Combined Adventure Birthday Party:

Ages 8+

Parties can be scheduled April 1st to November 1st for up to 8 children for $220.00.  An additional $10.00 per child and up to 4 additional children allowed.  The party is a combination of horseback trail riding and high ropes course adventure!  The party will begin at the barn working on basic horsemanship skills including grooming and proper trail riding etiquette.  The birthday party participants will head by horseback down to our high ropes course and try their feet at climbing up 35 feet into our challenge course.  Birthday party participants will trail ride back up to the horse barn for the ½ hour set aside for cakes & presents.

Pool Party*

Ages 3-14**
1 1/2 hours of swim time in the Camp Ketcha pool with a lifeguard.  1/2 hour for cake and presents in the pavilion.
** All children swimming must be toilet trained
* Seasonal Parties.  Pool & Archery Parties available June-August only based upon availability of the staff and the facility.

Add Ons:

  • Face Painting- $20 for up to 10 children
    *This is NOT full face professional face painting:)  

Party Details:

Parents are responsible for bringing all paper goods, table cloths, decorations and food items unless otherwise noted.

For Traditional Parties- parents can have access to the Great Room for set up 15 minutes prior to the start of the party and 10 minutes after the party ends.  Additional set up time or cake/present may be reserved for $20 each half hour.  Additional programming time may be reserved for an additional $30 for one half hour (for ages 6+ only).

Traditional Party themes will be geared towards the birthday child’s age.  Please note that is extremely difficult to have games & activities with a wide age range.

Please keep in mind that siblings that attend the party with party guests will be added into the total children count if they participate in any activities.


Please call (207) 883-8977 x 103 to schedule your traditional, archery or pool party.
(207) 883-8977 x 110 to schedule your horsemanship/pony party
(207) 883-8977 x 106 to schedule your ropes party





Traditional Birthday Party Guide