Ketcha Lease Programs


As of September 1st, 2012 the Lease Program will be as follows:

Ages: 10 and up 

Lease includes/requires: Two monthly lessons as well as two free rides scheduled each week in advance. The free rides will have the same blocks of time as lessons. 20 minutes for grooming/tacking up and 40 minutes for riding. Time after the ride can be used to properly put the horse away.

Cost: $200/month plus two riding lessons per month at the regular lesson rate.

Please note that there have been some changes in this program since last year.  Riding time will no longer be supervised, so it is now required that participants be riding independently on their own and are capable of grooming, tacking-up and mounting on their own.  All participants will be required to have one month of private lessons to determine eligibility for this program.  Our Pony for a Day program is very similar to this program, but does provide supervised riding time.  More information on this program may be found on our Pony Programs page.



* Lessees will choose 2 barn days as part of this program and schedule their weekly or bi-monthly lessons on another day.

* Each of our horses and our ponies will be available for one lease every month. Because each horse or pony is available for one lease, the first person to quarter lease a particular horse or pony will have first choice of available lease days.

* This program is designed for students who are riding at an intermediate level or above and are able to groom and tack up their horse independently as well as ride without supervision.

* Participants in this program must be able to complete stable management duties and other tasks independently.

* Lessees will be entitled to exclusive use of the horse and shared access to our barn, riding ring, and trails under during the chosen sessions.

* This program includes riding time on non-lesson days. This riding time can be used to practice skills being learned in lessons, go out on the trails or just a chance to ride in a relaxing atmosphere.

* Schedules will be coordinated weekly between Lessees and Camp Ketcha.

* As this is a lease program, make-up days for riding time lost due to inclement weather will not be offered. Inclement weather includes: Sever thunder storms, severe down pours, or winter storms. Make-up days will also not be offered for occasions when the student chooses not to ride.

* Make-up days will be offered to students who will be away during school vacations, but these days must be scheduled in advance.

* Should the participant need to have a make-up day, they will need to choose a day/time when their horse will be available.  All make-up time will need to be scheduled within the same calendar month of the missed day.

* Lessees may choose which months they would like to participate in this program — leasing for consecutive months is not required.  Previous lease participants have chosen to participate in the only the fall and spring months as we do not have an indoor riding arena.

* Camp Ketcha will cover all costs associated with the horse, tack, and barn.

* The use of an ASTM/SEI certified horseback riding helmet is required for all mounted riding activities at Camp Ketcha.  If you do not have your own riding helmet (bike & ski helmets are not permitted), we will gladly let you use one of ours.  Participants must also wear appropriate footwear when riding.  For safety reasons, sandals, flip-flops and crocs may not be worn in the barn or around our horses.




Because we always put student safety first at Camp Ketcha, all participants horsemanship activities, both mounted and un-mounted, at Camp Ketcha are required to wear an approved safety helmet designed for horseback riding and boots or shoes with a small heel. 


For more information on our leasing programs, please contact

our Lead Riding Instructor, at or

Rosemary Baker, Equestrian Program Director, at