Meet Our Horses

Here are our current lesson horses that you may be riding in your lesson, birthday party or horsemanship program!


Lacey is our little wonder pony! We use Lacey for our Pony grooming classes, pony rides and birthday parties! She is the sweetest little pony and loves attention from everyone!


Charlie is owned by our instructor Meaghan and is used in our lesson program and horsemanship programs. He is a great horse for lunge lessons and learning to ride a bouncy horse, he is very safe and quiet!



Cece is one of our resident draft horses that is super popular in our lesson program! She is perfect for our intermediate students learning to canter as she is one comfy ride! This full figured girl is full of personality and talent, and even has some serious jumping skills!


Bambi is our adorable Mustang here at Camp Ketcha! She was born wild in Nevada and is now a wonderful part of our lesson program! Bambi is a star on the trails , and she even is good at jumping! She excels in lessons with our intermediate riders, and is also great in our camp programs for our beginner riders!




Dusty is a new arrival owned by our summer camp instructor Molly. He is perfect for beginners who are learning to walk and trot, and is also happy to kick it up a notch for the intermediate riders. He is safe and quiet and loves working with kids

  Some of our favorite pictures of past horses you might remember