Pony Rides & Horse Birthday Parties


The Camp Ketcha Horsemanship Program will be offering pony rides to the general public from 12-1pm on Saturdays beginning 5/10/14 through 9/20/14.

Due to scheduled events at the Camp Ketcha Horse barn, pony rides will not be offered on the following Saturdays:

* Saturday, 6/7/14 – Camp Horse Show
* Saturday, 8/23/14 – Camp Horse Show
* Saturday, 9/27/14 – Camp Horse Show

No appointment necessary!  Ages 2+, $5 per child.  If you’re enjoying a Saturday with the kids down at the beach, at the park or just relaxing at home, stop by the Camp Ketcha Horse Barn for a fun and safe pony ride.  Pony rides with no appointment are offered on Saturdays only from noon to 1pm.  Please call the barn at 883-8977 x110 to schedule an alternative time for a pony ride.  Let your kids try out horseback riding and make it your Spring and Summer Saturday tradition!

For safety reasons, please be aware that sandals, flip-flops and other open-toed shoes are not allowed in our barn or around of horses/ponies.

Pony rides will be offered on Saturdays from noon to 1pm beginning Saturday, May 10th through Saturday, September 20th.  Please note that pony rides will not be offered on the following Saturdays:  6/7/14 & 8/23/14.

See the local article about our pony rides!


Pony rides are also offered several times throughout the year during Camp Ketcha Events. Our ponies and horses even dress in Halloween costumes for the Fall Festival in October!


Pony rides can also be added on to any event scheduled at Camp Ketcha. Please see rates as listed below:

Pony Ride Options:

1 hour – includes staffing
* $125 for one pony for one hour
* $175 for two ponies for one hour

2 hours – includes staffing
* $200 for one pony for two hours
* $300 for two ponies for two hours


Horse Birthday Parties


Birthday Party Activities

Horse Birthday Parties are a great way to get your child and friends to join in some pony fun, groom, ride and celebrate their birthday the equine way!  We offer 2 different horse birthday party options: Trail Ride Party and Pony Ride Party.  Duration is 1 1/2 hours which includes 1 hour of staff led horse programming with 1/2 hour set aside for food and presents.  Cake, presents and party decorations will not be provided.


Trail Ride Party:

Ages 6+
Parties booked in November and March will be $140 for 6 children

(We do not offer parties between November and March due to cold weather conditions)

Parties booked between 4/1 and 10/31 will be $160 for 6 children

$15 per additional child
Maximum Children Participating: 12

Enjoy a 1 1/2 hour party at the barn. Riding time will involve a staff led trail ride in our beautiful Camp Ketcha groomed trail system/woods.  1/2 hour set aside for cake and presents included in time.

Pony Ride Party:

Ages 3+

Parties booked in November and March will be $120 for 8 children

(We do not offer parties between November and March due to cold weather conditions)

Parties booked between 4/1 and 10/31 will be $140 for 8 children

$10 per additional child
Maximum Children Participating: 20

Enjoy a 1 1/2 hour party at the barn, including grooming and pony rides (as many pony rides as the 1 hour will allow) led by our experienced staff.  1/2 hour set aside for cake and presents included in time.



Additional activities can include:

* grooming activities
* pony-themed arts and crafts activities
* pony-themed coloring sheets
* decorating horse shoes (additional $3 cost per shoe)
* sand art

In the event of inclement weather, party activities will consist of in-barn horse activities and horse themed arts and crafts projects.  We also have horse costumes that participants may use to dress up our horses for photo opportunities.



Please note that although we do have ponies here at camp, most of the pony rides will actually be on our horses.


Parent Information

For Printable Information, please look at our Horse Birthday Party Letter  You will also need to fill out a Horse Party Registration Formand submit it to the barn. At Camp Ketcha, we always put safety first and as a result, all students/riders are required to wear and approved safety helmet and boots or shoes with a small heel. 


Party Set Up Information

Depending on the season, we may have a tent and picnic tables available for your parties use.  We do ask that decorations that may blow around in the wind be set up after the conclusion of riding activities.  In colder weather, it may be possible to use the main building for crafts, food and present activities.  Unfortunately, we do not have a refridgerator to store cake and ice cream in for the duration of the party.


Permission Slip

The 2014 Equine Release Form must be signed and returned before your child will be allowed to participate in any equestrian activity.  This form may be brought with you to the party.



The use of an ASTM/SEI equestrian helmet is required when participating in any mounted riding activity at Camp Ketcha.  Children who have their own horseback riding helmets are encouraged to bring them to the party for their own use.  However, we do not require or expect children to have their own helmets and therefore, we do provide them for all riders. Bicycle helmets are not acceptable for horseback riding as the testing standards for safety gear differ between the two activities.



Participants are required to wear helmets, proper footwear and long pants when mounted.  Wearing shorts or capri pants in the saddle may cause sores on riders’ legs.  Any sort of long pants are acceptable, but keep in mind that “wind pants” may be slippery in the saddle.



Children participating in pony ride activites may wear sneakers or boots.  Children participating in trail ride activites should wear a boot with a small heel (rubber rain boots or winter boots would be acceptable) or sneakers as long as they are not flat soled.  For safety reasons we cannot allow participant to wear sandals, crocs or flip-flops in the barn or around the horses.



Our horses enjoy an occasional treat, so please feel free to bring some carrots and apples to share with them after the party.


This list of requirements was developed to ensure the safety of your child and our staff.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the horsemanship staff.



For more information, please contact the barn at 883-8977, ext 110 or

email Rosemary at rbaker@campketcha.org