Adult Primitive Skills Workshops

Adult Primitive Skills Workshops with Lou Falank


We are now offering evening adult workshops focused on wilderness survival techniques and naturalist skills.

Our Tuesday evening program 6-8 pm for adults will focus on core outdoor survival skills:

Water ~ Fire ~ Shelter ~ Food

Come out and learn how to start a survival fire, how to light a fire using flint, make a water collector out of white pine bark, sip freshly brewed white pine tea, and learn the basics of making a debris shelter.

Join us for an evening whether you are preparing for:

A 10 day survival trip or Are interested in a new skill to add to your library!

Upcoming Adult Programs Spring  2014

Extreme Fire April 8th

This class will focus on methods of making heat. You may have the best material to build a fire; if you can’t start it; it doesn’t help you. Lighter, Matches, Ferro Rod, Magnesium and striker, Flint and steel, and fire by friction will be demonstrated. We will let you try them and evaluate each of these methods with different tinder options. This should help you make an informed assessment of where your skills are at, what method you prefer to carry, and how to get better at the different methods.


Fire from the landscape April 15th 

This class will focus on collecting fuel from the landscape and different types of fire lays(ex: cooking, survival) and where to place them.  You will work on tree identification to help find your materials at a distance. Then gather materials and tend fires as individuals and groups. Fire takes on a life of its own and needs to be taken care of. Heat, Oxygen, and Fuel must be carefully balance in order to keep it and you alive. Fire is a key ingredient in water disinfection. You will walk away with exercises and training activities that will aid your practice at home


Water April 22th  

Water is the element that connects us all. You will work on finding the best locations of water and then try different disinfection. Methods(chemical, filter, boil)  We will also have various types of water containers available to test out as well. We will discuss the pros and cons of them. You will also make a natural container or modify man made items to take home. This activity is based on seasonal availability of materials during the class.


Shelter May 6th

This class will focus on body temperature regulation.  We will have various, equipment (tents, tarps, bivys) and clothing available for you to check out.  We will discuss pros and cons of natural vs. synthetic materials and the care needed to maintain them. Then we will integrate these lessons into natural shelter building from the landscape and explore the debris hut concept.  Remember your rule of 3’s without shelter death is about 3 hours away (to hot or to cold).


Advanced Awareness and Movement May 13th 

Here we will become part of nature. Not just an observer. We will go through a series of activities that will enhance our own observation skills Sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing.  Tree ID and Bird language will help build our foundation. Then we will flow into fox walking then transition to other movements and forms to move across the landscape. Each person will go as far as they are comfortable. This is about sharing skills to help individuals find their own rhythm. And connection to the world around them

Backyard Foraging May 20th 2014

We explore our outdoor world and enjoy the wonderful gifts from the world around us. We will cover types of field guides and hazards involved with plant id. We will be able to taste some treats during and after our walk. The plants  and trees covered will depend on the weather. Plants can come up earlier or later than the previous year.


To register online please click here or  fill out this form and return with payment or contact Brooke Burkett at or 883-8977 ext 104.

Pre-Registration is required.  Fee for each workshop is $25 or $40.00 for two workshops.  Fee is due at registration.

Come join us for an evening of discovery & adventure.

Past Workshop Series:


Acorn Flour Basics

Come out for the evening to learn about the different steps to processing acorn flour. We will take participants from gathering, processing, all the way to eating your product in the evening!   Participants will leave with an understanding of the process and a recipe to try!   Please be aware that this is an overview of the multi-week process and an example of different stages will be shown.


Rocket Stove Construction

Come out for an evening to learn how to make your own fuel efficient rocket-stove!  Materials are included with the class and spaces are limited.


Awareness and Movement

Plug into the world around you. Go beyond being and observer and be a participant. We will start understanding our physical senses then add to our antennae with basic bird language which will help us be aware of the life moving around us and within us. We will cover lots of fun activities for all to enjoy! These skills will help better chances of seeing wild life as a photographer, naturalist, and hunter.

 Primitive Cooking Methods and Material

Join us for an evening to learn the basics of setting up a safe and functional fire pit for cooking.  We will cover long term and temporary fire-pits.  We will also learn different methods of cooking on coals with and without modern tools. Snacks will be provided.

 Shelter Construction: Debris Hut Basics

Join us for an evening to focus on summer shelter construction. The evening will cover the basics on how to build a debris shelter.  We will construct a debris hut and go over the common threads of all shelter construction and discuss safety issues with the seasons.