L.O.S.T. Learning Outdoor Survival Techniques


L.O.S.T. is an awesome program for kids ages 8-13 led by Lou Falank, Maine Primitive Skills School Instructor and Registered Maine Guide that focuses on primitive outdoor survival techniques and naturalist skills!  Have fun with other kids while learning the skills of fire building, shelter building, animal tracking, outdoor cooking, primitive tool making and MUCH MORE!!


Each day we will explore the outdoors: learning how to ID white pine trees (and much more), watching the world change around us from our sit-spots, trying one’s hand at lighting a fire with only one match or a bow-drill, and learning how to best camouflage oneself in the outdoors.   In addition, each day will have a specific focus as we adventure into the outdoors!







   Program Details:

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AFTER SCHOOL & Vacation Camp Programs


We have our upcoming after-school programs in which
Tuesday is open to youth 8-13.

TIME: 4pm-6pm
AGES: 8-13
Winter Youth After-School One-Day Programs 
Try out L.O.S.T. for an afternoon!  Only $15 per session or $45 for 3 sessions.  

DEC-3rd Coil Basket making

When you are out gathering foods and medicines how do you carry them? We will share different basket ideas and concepts for collecting materials in different seasons and the purposes of each container. This class will experience coil basket basics. Once you work on the basics the sky is the limit! Soon you will be producing, hats, sandals, even shelters if you can apply the concepts experienced!!

Dec 10th- Fletching arrows, modern and primitive) for BOWs of ATLATLs

Learn the basics of how fletch an arrow, make a bow and how to throw an AtlAtl.  The evening will also include a varied target practice.

Dec 17th- Crafting Olive Oil Lamp making for light and cooking.

Comfort and security experienced on a cold winter’s night are when you are warm and cozy on the trail or in your home. This evening, we will share and experience various heating and lighting methods and safety issues for when the power goes out. Examples include: oil lamps traditional and plant based oils, wood, and alcohol. Gain experience, awareness, and understanding to be able to craft useable lamps or burners from the woods or your recycle bin!

Our upcoming 2014 LOST Vacation Camp Programs

Come join us for a week of fun getting L.O.S.T.!   Register for the week of Vacation Camp or for 1 day of fun!
Each day is a new adventure – we can’t wait to spend it with you!

Our upcoming 2014 LOST After School Programs

Winter Session I: January 7,14,21, 28

(snow day make ups FEB 4,11)


Winter Session II: 

March 11,18,25, April 1, April 8th 

(Snow day Make up April 15th)


Spring Session: 

April 29, May 6, 13, 20, 27

COST: $75 for each 5 week session

To register for our upcoming L.O.S.T. program you can print out our registration form, medical history and return with registration fee to Camp Ketcha.  Or you can also register online by visiting the following link but you will still have to print out and bring in a copy of the medical history form.    


Come and get L.O.S.T. with us!

For more information contact Brooke Burkett at 883.8977 ext 104 or bburkett@campketcha.org