Montessori Pre-School

Welcome to the Camp Ketcha Montessori Pre-School!

We are a nature based Montessori program for children 3 to 5 years. Commitment to community, Montessori philosophy and methods and a nature based curriculum are the cornerstones of our program.

Tucked between the seashore and the salt marshes here on Camp Ketcha’s 100 acres of forest, fields, farm, and pond our students are active in the outdoors throughout the year. We learn through exploration and observations as we hike the woods and play games in the fields, plant and harvest our gardens, groom our miniature horses, catch tadpoles and frogs, and watch dragon flies over the pond. We look, listen, smell, and touch the wonders of the natural world as we play and learn together through the changing seasons.

In Maria Montessori’s words, “There is no description, no image in any book that is capable of replacing the sight of real trees, and all of the life to be found around them in a real forest.”

Our facility also includes modern classrooms, an expansive open-hearth lodge, and a year-round staff for administrative support. As a community nonprofit organization, we are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of caring, active, and dedicated community members.

Our program encompass all aspects of the Montessori method for individualized learning in literacy skill building, mathematical concepts acquisition, practical life skills, and sensory exploration. The curriculum content is interwoven with arts and crafts, music and movement including daily yoga, as well as geography and culture, and a special emphasis on nature lessons. Our classrooms are specially prepared environments where structured choices and blocks of open learning time allow each child to explore and engage with the learning materials as they choose and at their own pace. The result is happy excitement for pursuing ones’s own curiosity and creativity as well as pride and contentment for real and relevant accomplishments.

A sense of community and the social and emotional needs of our students are the heart of our work here at Camp Ketcha. The Montessori peace curriculum guides us in the many aspects of relationship and social skill building: sharing, helping, self-advocating, resolving conflicts, and communicating with respect and sensitivity. We strive to help our kids build not only their self confidence and their independence but also their sense of interdependence and responsibilities within the group. This is the real work in the classroom, the work that helps them become ready and receptive learners now and into their futures.

We strive to extend the sense of community among our Montessori families as well, to provide a place of belonging and support. Our open hearth lodge serves us not only as a wonderful place for playtime when the weather keeps our class inside; it is also a great gathering place for our families during special events such as our start of the year potluck dinner, holiday parties, and for our end of the year celebrations.

Our hours of operation and current rates are listed in the sidebar on the left.  We are currently have limited openings in our Tuesday-Thursday program for the 2014-2015.  We currently have limited openings in our Friday, one day program.   Thank you so much for taking the time to read about our program and our community! If you would like to visit us or have any questions about the program please contact:

Kate Connolly, MSW
Montessori Director
(207) 883-8977 x107

Levi at nature table

311                     farm explore


11-2012 064             Ella with butterfly