Financial Aid / Third Party Payers


We are pleased to be able to offer financial assistance to families who meet certain income requirements.  Please fill out all required paperwork and submit it to us by April 17, 2015 in order to be considered.

Required paperwork includes: Financial Aid Form, last page of your taxes from 2014, the registration form, medical form and $50 per week deposit, plus $20 annual registration fee.

Download the form here Financial Aid Form 2015



Camp Ketcha is happy to work with community agencies that subsidize camp tuition. Any family receiving financial assistance from an outside organization or another service provider, must provide written authorization from the agency that states that your child has been approved to attend Camp Ketcha and it must indicate how much of the total tuition will be paid by the agency and how much, if anything, is the parents’ or guardians’ responsibility. This total amount must match the tuition due on your child’s registration form. We will consider any difference between what was authorized by the outside agency and the total amount due to be the parent/guardian’s responsibility, and that portion must be paid in full before the child will be allowed to attend camp.


At this time we can not accept Child Care Vouchers through the State.


Day camps are considered to be eligible for reimbursement through most Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts provided by participating employers. Many of these programs provide employees with a debit card (usually a MasterCard or Visa) by which to make payments. However, the benefits administration companies that provide these cards put restrictions on the places at which they can be used.

Camp Ketcha, because it is a day camp and charitable organization, and not strictly a day care, has been considered an ineligible location for card acceptance. This is because Camp Ketcha accepts credit cards for other transactions, such as charitable donations or facility rentals, that are not child care services. If someone attempts to use this card either online or at camp, the transaction will be denied. This denial is not because Camp Ketcha will not accept your card (we would be more than happy to do so if the card providers would authorize it). It is also not related to the amount of money in your account. This is strictly because the card provider has placed a restriction on the locations at which you may use your card.

Therefore, please use a debit or credit card other than the flexible spending account debit card. You will be required by your benefits administrator to be reimbursed in another manner. If you have any questions about this issue, please contact your benefits administrator. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes and appreciate your patronage of Camp Ketcha.