Specialty Day Camps for ages 7-9

Specialty camps offer a variety of activities, programs, and in-depth experiences for campers. Unlike traditional camp, specialty camps are only offered certain weeks of the summer.  These camps fill quickly, so register soon to secure your child’s spot!Enrollment is limited.  Specialty camps include swimming but do not include swim lessons.  All specialty camps include elective traditional camp activity periods.

for Ages 7-9

June 22-26/August 17-21 /Cost: $285
Limited to 10

Discover wildlife in Maine during Safari Camp at Ketcha. Meet guest animals, do animal crafts, and explore the trails of camp. Campers will take a field trip to York’s Wild Kingdom.

July 27-31/ Cost: $280
Limited to 12

Campers will conduct a variety of messy and fun experiments and explore the science behind them. In addition campers will explore different habitats, and practice different animal techniques for staying cool, hiding from predators, and laying eggs. We will use teaching environments like our pond, garden, fields, and forest. We will also take a trip exploring our marsh. Please send your camper with a change of clothes each day!

August 10-14/ Cost: $305
Limited to 10

Campers will learn about growing and raising plants and animals. Campers will get hands on experience in our garden, with our horses and our guinea hens. They will also get a chance to visit Smiling Hill Farm.

July 27-31/ Cost: $265
Limited to 12

Campers will explore superhero qualities to create their own superhero. Campers will make comic strips, stories, and drawings of their superhero. Superhero games, trivia and fun! On Friday the campers will perform a skit for the camp.

July 13-17/Cost: $280
Limited to 12

Each camp day will focus on a new interactive activity.  The sun, the moon, and the stars will be the theme for each day’s adventure.  Learn about our solar system through the Children’s Museum Starlab, try astronaut food and create your own solar system.  Shoot for the stars and blast off with Galaxy Camp!

July 20-24/ Cost: $275
Limited to 12

Let the fairies steal you away to this camp where we will take a look at their secret world. Our two age groups will separate and come together for different age-appropriate activities as we explore the magical realms of the little people. We’ll tell and listen to stories about them, we’ll make art and plays about them and we will go on hunts for the fairies in the woods. We’ll make fairy houses and boats as gifts for our tiny friends.

July 27-31/ Cost $305
Limited to 10

Designed for adventurous campers who enjoy our ropes course, they work through team and individual challenges on high and low ropes, learn knot tying and how to belay fellow campers, review equipment safety and maintenance and improve teamwork and communication skills. Campers visit the Maine Rock Gym to climb.

June 22-26/ Cost: $285
Limited to 10

Explore and discover the fascinating invention of flight, from paper airplanes to the flight of birds. During the morning you will learn how things fly and create your own flying structures. Make a kite by Big Sky Toyz and learn from a pro.  Make boomerangs, kites and Frisbees. Figure out how to transport things by balloon and drop things with parachutes… In the afternoon we’ll play games with all the amazing flying things we’ve made.

July 20-24/ Cost:$ 270

Now, live the magical world of Harry Potter for an ENTIRE WEEK at Camp Ketcha! From the moment you arrive you will cease to be a Muggle, and will enter the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as a student. Do you have what it takes to learn Potions? Are you ready for daily Quiddich practice? Do you know your spellbook forwards and back?

Tons of activity, imagination, and fun will fill this week. Come prepared to immerse yourself in the world of Harry Potter, while enjoying all that Camp Ketcha has to offer!

June 29-July 3/Cost: $280
Limited to 12

Ahoy Matey! Live the life of a pirate for a week at Ketcha in “pirate cove”. Campers will create pirate names and pirate costumes. Search for and hide hidden treasure. Eat like a pirate and sail the high seas of the Camp Ketcha waterfront.

August 3-7/ Cost: $285
Limited to 12

Campers will spend the week focusing creative arts & cooking.   A variety of extensive art projects will be completed throughout the week as well as room for campers to express their creative side through cooking in our kitchen and homemade solar ovens.

August 3-7/Cost: $300
Limited to 10

Experience what it is like to be a police officer and a detective. Solve “crimes” that staff commit around Camp Ketcha. Campers will visit and explore a local police department. Complete a “SWAT” obstacle course at Camp Ketcha.


June 22-26/Cost: $280
Limited to 10

Tidepools, ocean life, sea creatures and more! Explore local beaches and learn about marine mammals.

July 6-10/ July 13-17/ Cost $275
Limited to 12

We will cover all the essentials for a princess in the making:  self- esteem, confidence and kindness through stories, puppet play, dress up, arts & crafts, dance and games.  Campers will take an enchanted horse ride and end the week with a Royal Tea Party. (This camp is not based off Disney Princesses).

July 6-10/August 10-14
Cost: $320
Limited to 10

Designed for campers who love being in the water. Campers will spend two days snorkeling with Paul Rollins, professional dive instructor. The first day will be instruction on using fins, goggles and snorkels. The second day will be spent snorkeling in our pond and pool. Campers will spend one day at a local water park, explore beaches, and spend time on our property exploring the Scarborough Marsh.  Open to all swim abilities and campers MUST be comfortable putting their face in the water.

July 6-10/Cost: $265
Limited to 15

Is your child active and energetic?  Than this is the camp for them.  Campers will participate in a variety of common and uncommon sports and games from Capture the Flag to flag football and disc golf.  Learn new skills, improve on old ones and create your own sports game.

July 20-24/August 10-14/ Cost: $275
Limited to 12

For one amazing week, Camp Ketcha is transformed into the Yavin training grounds where young Jedi learn their skills… Enter the order of the Jedi and explore new galaxies as you fight for peace and justice. Whether you are a youngling, a padawan, or a Master, becoming a Jedi requires the most profound commitment and astute mind. As part of your training, you will learn the ways of the Jedi through mythology and story, design never-before-known universes, create new heroes and creatures and plead your case before the Jedi Council. Get to know the Ewoks and build an Ewok village, or learn to communicate with Wookies. This camp encourages exploration of literature, science, debate and creative arts by leveraging a child’s keen interest in the Star Wars story. It is truly Star Wars, Camp Ketcha style!


July 13-17/ Cost: $335
Limited to 10

Learn outdoor survival skills, make shelters that will withstand inclement weather, learn about edible plants, tracking and safety skills. Includes one overnight at Camp Ketcha either Wednesday or Thursday based upon the weather of the week.


July 13-17/ Cost$275
Limited to 10

Rustle up your own cowboy and cowgirl costumes, cook food like they did in the “Old West”, play western-style games and learn about important historical events in the “Old West”.  Campers will visit the barn one day and saddle up on our horses.

NOTE:  Annual Registration fee of $20 required for all programs