Traditional Day Camp- ages 3-14


Our traditional day camp is offered all camp weeks.  Campers are grouped by age and travel with that group and counselor for the week.  If campers attend multiple weeks in a row they will remain in the same group.

Traditional campers will have an opportunity to visit all of our Program Areas where Program Staff lead activities for the group.  The group counselor remain with the group to assist and participate.



Ages 3-4 (must be 3 by first day enrolled & be toilet trained)

$230 per week full-time
$165 per week part-time (M,W, F)
$115 per week part-time (Tu & Th)

With a 1:5 staff-to-camper ratio, counselors work closely with campers to ensure that their unique needs are met while they explore our activities. This program is ideal for developing socialization skills. Cottontails swim each day, with lessons twice a week for full-time campers (part-time campers may receive lessons depending on the day given but it is not a guarantee).  Cottontails have a max & relax period after lunch indoors where they read, decompress and get out of the sun for a bit.


Age 5-6

Cost: $230 per week
$165 per week part-time (M, W, F)
$115 per week part-time (Tu & Th)

With a 1:5 staff-to-camper ratio, Woodchucks participate in all of our programs except high ropes elements. Woodchucks swim each day with lessons twice a week (part-time camper may receive lessons but it is not a guaranteed).


Ages 7-8

Cost: $225 per week

Chipmunks have many opportunities to challenge themselves. They experience all program areas each week in their groups with a 1:6 staff-to-camper ratio.

Chipmunks may participate in such activities as hikes to the marsh or high ropes course challenges. They swim each day with lessons twice a week.


Ages 9-11

Cost: $220 per week

Bobcats specialize in themed activities each week. Groups focus on, but are not limited to their selected  theme. Each group swims every day and has one elective period. Availability is based upon enrollment. Swim lessons are NOT included. Bobcats have a 1:8 staff-to-camper ratio.

Wilderness Group – Focused on outdoor living skills and environmental education, weeks may include fire building, orienteering, wild edible hikes, cooking, shelter building, plant, tree and animal identification, hiking, basic canoeing or archery.

Artisan Group – Campers express their creativity through making crafts, painting, sculpting clay, cooking, and writing the Tracker Newsletter.

Sports/Aquatic Group – Campers focus on playing sports, games and other physical activities. Weeks may include archery, baseball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, water balloon volleyball, basic canoeing and kayaking, golf, or frisbee golf.

Ropes/Adventure Challenge Group – Campers challenge themselves through group initiatives and trust activities on our high and low ropes course and learn belayed climbing and other skills.

General Group – Campers sample all of our program areas by participating in archery, arts & crafts, outdoor living skills, sports, and drama/music throughout the week.


Ages 12-14

Cost: $220 per week

Black Bears are our oldest campers. Campers have the opportunity to help create their weekly schedule as well as choosing their groups. Black Bears swim each day, swim lessons are not included with this age group. Black Bears have a 1:8 staff-to-camper ratio.


Traditional Day Camp Activities


Campers swim at least once a day (weather permitting) in our pool or the pond.  (We can not guarantee at which location your child will swim.)
Group swim lessons are included two days a week for full time campers up to age 8 in our Traditional Day Camps. Part time campers will receive swim lessons at least one day per week.


Basics of bow and arrow safety, care and function with lots of target practice.


Survival skills from fire building and knot tying to map and compass or shelter building.

Crafts may include beadwork, candle making, painting, drawing and nature projects.


Hands-on lessons that may include tracking animals, plants and tree identification, weather, gardening, birds, insects and conservation.


Soccer, kickball, basketball, Frisbee, 4-square and lots more.


High and low rope elements and initiatives challenge campers both individually and in teams.


Activities may include theater improvisation games, skits, physical activities, group challenged and musical activities.


Traditional Day Camp Typical Day

9:10-9:20         Opening Circle
9:30-10:20      First Period
10:20-10:40   Snack/Sunscreen
10:40-11:40    Second Period
11:40-12:10    Lunch/Sunscreen
12:15-1:10       Third Period (Tenderfeet- max & relax)
1:10- 2:20        Transition Time
1:20-2:20        Fourth Period
2:20-2:30        Sunscreen
2:30-3:30       Fifth Period
3:45-4:00       Closing Circle/Dismissal

Campers will rotate through all of the above activities throughout the week.
Group schedules will be available to view on Mondays for the current week.


*Tuition reflects the low camper-to-staff ratio

Note: Annual Registration Fee required for all campers