Zipline Project


The physics classes at Portland High School teamed up with Camp Ketcha to construct a zip line during the spring semester of 2012.


Students designed the zip line, chose the construction site, wrote an official plan proposal, and created a physics lesson for use with the zip line.  Our first zip line run & physics program took place on Friday May 18th!  The Portland Press Herald covered our unique project.   Click here to check out the video of our day up in the trees!


Science is ultimately about real-world applications.  When students are able to use science to bring exciting projects into existence, it takes on a new level of meaning and importance. 

The goal of this collaboration has been to ultimately create a physics lessons students will never forget!  Allowing students to analyze their motion on the zip-line, while also emphasizing confidence building, leadership skills, teamwork and problem solving.

We appreciate your support this unique collaboration. We appreciate all of your support, and applaud your role as a benefactor of science education and healthy kids.


Thank you for your donations!


A huge thank you to our local business owners, community members, colleagues, co-workers, friends and families who have contributed towards this experiential collaboration!

Thank you also to LL.Bean who have supported Portland High School in making this project a possibility!

Thank You for Your Support!