Team Building & Challenge Course


The Camp Ketcha challenge course consists of a full progression of low and high elements. Low elements stress the importance of teamwork and problem solving. High elements allow you to individually push yourself beyond your perceived limits and comfort levels with the support of the rest of your group. After completing elements, use debriefing techniques led by your Camp Ketcha Ropes Course facilitator, to learn from the overall process of the experience, not just the outcome. Let them guide you to recognize how you’ve grown personally and as a group. All programs are custom designed and tailored to meet the needs of your group.


We custom design and tailor a team-building and challenge course program to fit each group.  A half day or full day program can incorporate field initiatives and challenges focusing on communication, low ropes challenges and obstacles to venturing on to our high course elements.

You can choose a low ropes program focused on the importance of teamwork, problem solving, and cultivating strong communication skills for positive peer interactions, OR choose a full progression high ropes program where participants will be given the opportunity to begin their day on our low ropes elements with their team and then move to our high ropes course elements where they can challenge themselves to push themselves beyond their perceived limits and comfort zone with the support of the rest of their group.


 We work with school groups, community groups, non-profits, and corporate groups.  To learn more or book your next program please contact Brooke Burkett at or call 207-883-8977 ext 104.