Elizabeth Sibley Saltonstall Memorial Fund

We lost somebody very dear to camp recently. Elizabeth Sibley Saltonstall or Betsy, as many people knew her was a great friend to all of us at Camp Ketcha. In addition to being a long time volunteer, Betsy was a award-winning artist and amazing person. We will deeply miss the involvement of Betsy with our children and staff. Reading stories to our preschoolers, showing them how to make art, and being a calm caring presence in our classroom was how we first came to appreciate Betsy’s abilities, character, and contributions. We are extremely honored and humbled that Besty and her family suggested that donations honoring here memory should be give to Camp Ketcha could be a way to honor Besty and her contributions to so many young people. Betsy made so many contributions to so many local youth-serving organizations and we are honored to be thought of by this incredible family. If you would like to donate in Betsy’s name please click the link below.







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