Summer Camp Scholarships


Camp is a wonderful experience that every child should have the summer campopportunity to enjoy!  We are pleased to be able to offer financial assistance to families in our community. Our scholarship fund is supported generously by local businesses and families who share our values in supporting youth and families having access and truly wonderful experience outdoors!

Please fill out all required paperwork and submit it to us the April 17, 2020 deadline.
Required paperwork includes:

  • Scholarship Application- available online through the camp registration process
  • Last page of your taxes from 2019
  • Copies of your last two paychecks
  • The registration & medical form completed online
  • $50 per week deposit and the $20 annual registration fee
  • Required Financial Aid Worksheet



Camp Ketcha is happy to work with community agencies that subsidize camp tuition. Any family receiving financial assistance from an outside organization or another service provider, must provide written authorization from the agency that states that your child has been approved to attend Camp Ketcha and it must indicate how much of the total tuition will be paid by the agency and how much, if anything, is the parents’ or guardians’ responsibility. This total amount must match the tuition due on your child’s registration form. We will consider any difference between what was authorized by the outside agency and the total amount due to be the parent/guardian’s responsibility, and that portion must be paid in full before the child will be allowed to attend camp.

At this time we can not accept Child Care Vouchers through the State.

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