Our Sponsors

Camp Ketcha has partnered with these many great organizations to create a community of people and opportunities that support kids and families. The high quality programs and camps at Camp Ketcha are made possible by their generous efforts.

Interested In Becoming A Camp Ketcha Sponsor?

Your support is essential to our mission of providing a year-round environment for children that promotes a healthy, active lifestyle, and that fosters development of critical life skills. We do all of this while preserving our pristine natural, open spaces, and welcoming the public to enjoy and cherish our unique landscape.

We offer superior, quality – yet affordable – programs for children all year long, under the direction of a volunteer Board of Directors.  We are accredited by the American Camp Association and licensed by the state of Maine. In addition, Camp Ketcha stewards 107 acres of precious land on the Maine seacoast, which is open to the public for hiking the trails and enjoyment of the woods, marsh and wildlife.

We work tirelessly to ensure that the treasure of Camp Ketcha is here to be discovered and enjoyed by all, young and old. We appreciate your consideration, and hope you will join us in our efforts to steward the precious resources for adventure and learning at Camp Ketcha. Please contact Tom Doherty, Executive Director at 207-883-8977 ext 101, or tdoherty@campketcha.org, for more information, and learn how to become a Camp Ketcha sponsor today!

Together, We Make Camp Ketcha Available For Generations To Come . . .

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