Re-Volv Solar Project

Ketch the Sun with Re-Volv

Thank you, YOU DID IT! We raised our goal! Many thanks to our UNE Solar Ambassadors who raised over $34,000 to install solar panels.  Stay tuned for details on our ribbon cutting party in the late Fall!

Camp Ketcha has teamed up with UNE solar ambassadors from Re-Volv Energy to help bring solar panels to Camp Ketcha. Re-Volv has a new approach to sustainable energy by making it  more affordable and accessible. In order to cover the upfront costs we are relying on donations from our program supporters. Any amount is going to help us reach our goal,  5, 10, 20! All donations made are tax deductible as Re-Volv is a non-profit just like Camp Ketcha!

About Re-Volv:

RE-volv lets people put solar on the places they care about, giving them a way to take direct action on climate change. We’re building a global community of clean energy supporters, creating a cultural shift for solar, and tangibly acting on climate change by reducing carbon emissions.

Nonprofits and co-ops lack access to traditional solar finance, and we want to see solar energy being used in every community in the country. That’s why we started this pay-it-forward model for solar energy: so every donation can go further, build more solar, and strengthen more communities around the United States.


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