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Ketcha’s Farm and Forest Preschool!

We have a new name! From our Montessori roots we’ve grown our nature based play and learning programming to become Ketcha’s Farm & Forest Preschool. Our Montessori fundamentals remain: learning letters and numbers, sensory exploration, and real life skills. Montessori philosophy and methods are ideal for quality outdoor learning. We pride ourselves in long blocks of supported choice time to immerse in creative play, daily lessons for literacy and nature based learning and flexibility to follow the child’s individual interests and excitement. Marie Montessori was a pioneering advocate for children, she implored educators to teach young children real things, to “follow the child”, and to take them outdoors. A century of practice and research has borne out her wisdom. Now, more than ever we realize how important it is that our students get outdoors to play. Play is imperative for all aspects of their development. We’re thrilled to follow the Montessori legacy with the extraordinary benefit of our 107 acres of outdoor classrooms.

We are a program tucked between the seashore and the salt marshes on Ketcha’s 107 acres of forest, fields, farm, and pond. Our students are active in the outdoors throughout the year. We learn through exploration and observations as we hike the woods, plant and harvest our gardens, catch tadpoles and frogs. We frequent our barn to visit and help tend our bunnies, miniature goats and horses. We have lessons on bugs and birds, farms and forests, plants, weather, seasons and more.

“There is no description, no image in any book that is capable of replacing the sight of real trees, and all of the life to be found around them in a real forest.” ~Maria Montessori



We welcome you to come out for a visit!

Kate Connolly, MSW
Education Director
(207) 883-8977 x 107



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