About Circle Programs

Circle programs provide a fun, creative space for youth that identify with female development to build confidence and supportive relationships. The evidence-based, Girls Circle curricula use activities such as discussion, drama, poetry, and collage to explore topics relevant to youth development in gender-specific ways. Through engaging with these topics in an emotionally safe setting, youth are empowered with tools to think critically and make decisions that are consistent with their values and interests.

* All Circle Programs are for trans and cis gender girls, as well any youth that identifies with female development *





Friendship Circle

Ages 9 – 12



The Friendship curriculum helps youth build strong interpersonal skills and addresses relational conflict with a focus on empathy and inclusion. Participants will engage with topics related to friendship through creative projects, journaling, role play, and discussion.



Being A Girl

Ages 11 – 13


Being a Girl helps youth define for themselves what it means to be a girl and the positive aspects of being one. Through activities like t-shirt decorating, collaging, and journaling, youth use their creativity to explore the topics of body image, role models, and self-care.

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