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Whether you have an individual classroom, and entire student body, or an alternative education program, our programs can help students expand and examine their thought process and how they interact with their classmates. Our school programs are based on satisfying the educational building blocks for successful and fulfilled adulthood according to the Maine Learning Results.

All of our adventure challenges require students to communicate with each other in a clear and effective manner in order to be successful. Challenges test the mind and make the students think “outside the box” in an integrative way. Most challenges are group based, and the use of a Full Value Contract helps students stay involved and be a valuable member of the group. We’ve had multiple alternative education programs come out to Camp Ketcha for weekly programs.

For more information, follow the link below, and contact us to create a custom designed program for your students. As a non-profit we want to keep our rates affordable for you and your school.

Adventure Challenge Information



$55 per day- 9am-4pm-Early care(8am) and late care (until 5pm) are available.

Come play outside in the snow, make s’mores, play games, arts and crafts and more!

If your town has a snow day, please email the night before, or morning of to check for availability of snow day coverage.



Book a program for your participants and let our skilled staff entertain them with their never-ending repertoire of large group games, initiatives, twists on classic tag games, and on the challenge course. Come for a half or a full day; we’ve got enough to keep them occupied.

Start your busy season off right with a training session by one of our facilitators to learn new games, back pocket activities and simple initiatives. At the end of our training your staff will leave with a whole new list of activities and the confidence to run them. Never again will they be dumbfounded by a rainy day or unexpected down time. We offer both on-site and off-site programming for both your participants and staff.


Explore the Camp Ketcha community through activities and programs which bring you closer to the land. View signs of native plant and animal species while honing in your newly acquired map and compass skills learned in our orienteering class. Or gain knowledge of local agriculture and organic farming through hands-on experiential education in our camp garden. There’s a little of everything for everyone here at Camp Ketcha; let us help guide you to the discovery of where you fit in.

Interested in booking a program with us?  Contact Kara LaRochelle at or call (207)883-8977 ex 104

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